My Family Married Soil, Wind, and Wood.

Where to begin? If you’ve never been married, it is a lifelong commitment. It involves sacrifice, selfless service, and then needing to adapt to an ever-changing life. This commitment is what is required when you move out in the country. I married my bride 14 years ago this September. After seven years, we finally boughtContinue reading “My Family Married Soil, Wind, and Wood.”

Raising a Goose To Lay Golden Eggs

To understand my philosophy on raising children, you must be familiar with Aesop’s Fable, “The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.” The story is so old that there are many versions, my favorite is done by Samuel Croxall. A man owns a goose that lays a golden egg daily. He tells the goose to layContinue reading “Raising a Goose To Lay Golden Eggs”